Volunteers Needed

Email us at  tdcofneedham@gmail.com, or email your team reps if you are able to volunteer for any of these important roles.

The Coaches, players, and the TDC would REALLY appreciate any help you can offer!

CONCESSIONS COORDINATOR –  Bay State Football Clinic & home games

  • secure concession space with the town for each home game
  • recruit and schedule volunteers to work concessions for each game
  • purchase all food to be sold – most items purchased at Restaurant Depot & Costco
  • stock concessions stand prior to each game
  • monitor profit from each game


  • Update all web content and photos
  • Manage all forms
  • Make sure all links work


  • Freshman, JV & Varsity
  • 2 or 3 Freshman team dinners per season
  • JV & Varsity team dinners every Thursday after practice prior to regular season Friday games.
  • Dinners are only for team members.
  • Families can do it on their own or pair up.
  • Dinners can be hosted at a private home (there are a lot of boys, so outside is suggested) or at the Field House.
  • Money is collected from players so hosting families need not cover the expense of feeding all those boys.


In case you don’t know, these are the folks who hold up the markers on the field during the game.

Some say it’s the best seat in the house because you are on the field watching the game – just like being part of the team!

We are required to provide 3-4 volunteers for each home game.

  • Games start at 3:45 but you should be there by 3:30 because sometimes the games start early.
  • No experience necessary – it’s on-the-job training and you will be told exactly what to do


Another volunteer opportunity that requires no previous experience! Someone will train you!

Typically there is no scoreboard during Freshman & JV games.

The TDC is hoping to find volunteers to operate the board during home games this year.


This is a big deal – we really need these games filmed.

And you guessed it…someone will teach you.

The films help the coaches coach our kids in future games as well as provide highlights for players.

We need to film ALL games – not just the home ones.


The TDC is looking for people who will take pictures at all games – Freshman, JV & Varsity – and at Media Day in late August.

After each game, images will be uploaded to game galleries on the TDC website.